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Connectnet Broadband Wireless (Pty) Limited

ConnectNet specialises in providing secure, reliable and managed bi-directional M2M and B2B telecommunication solutions utilising various platforms such as GSM Data, ADSL and point-to-point links wherever such services are provided by the respective operators.
ConnectNet's unique 'network architecture' is fully redundant and capable of routing data traffic to any telecommunication 'network platform'. In the event of a primary network failure, the products are designed to automatically failover to an alternate network ensuring the connectivity is maintained.
All solutions are locally designed, developed and produced, thus customer specific modifications can be readily implemented.
ConnectNet's ability to take these products and solutions to the market has secured 'blue-chip' clients in the retail, financial, telemetry, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.
ConnectNet Launches MOBILEmanager

MOBILEmanager Solution is designed to enable companies to eliminate their dependency on telecommunication hardware suppliers, carrier network providers and also overcome any limitations inherent in the IP protocol (such as limited IP addresses). In short, it is a Software Defined Network (SDN) solution providing network administrators with the ability to manage and control all telecommunication networks within the corporate network.

Designed as a Client-Server Solution (in between user application and hosted server), MOBILEmanager dramatically reduces the complexity of managing multiple carrier connections from both an IT department as well as for the individual out-of-office user. MOBILEmanager manages, amongst other things, the available physical data networks as approved by the IT department utilising secure end-to-end encryption techniques.

MOBILEmanager is able to seamlessly execute switching between the available data networks in accordance with centrally defined IT rule sets without interrupting the application session. The connection between application and cloud server will remain intact irrespective of the physical network status. This means that the session will remain connected even during network failure or during the failover process between networks.

MOBILEmanager as a SDN can provide Quality of Service (QoS) down to an application level. Administrators are able to define which carrier networks specific applications are permitted to use and also which data traffic will take prioritisation over each of these networks, thus saving operational costs and improving user experience and productivity.

MOBILEmanager is situated in-between layer 4 (Transport) and 5 (Session) on the OSI model establishing a secure virtual tunnel between its MOBILEmanager software Client and MOBILEmanager hosted Gateway. The solution is easy to install and manage ensuring maximum security and scalability to the company/IT department and the users irrespective of the carrier networks utilised to access the corporate network.