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Connectnet Broadband Wireless (Pty) Limited

ConnectNet specialises in providing secure, reliable and managed bi-directional M2M and B2B telecommunication solutions utilising various platforms such as GSM Data, ADSL and point-to-point links wherever such services are provided by the respective operators.
ConnectNet's unique 'network architecture' is fully redundant and capable of routing data traffic to any telecommunication 'network platform'. In the event of a primary network failure, the products are designed to automatically failover to an alternate network ensuring the connectivity is maintained.
All solutions are locally designed, developed and produced, thus customer specific modifications can be readily implemented.
ConnectNet's ability to take these products and solutions to the market has secured 'blue-chip' clients in the retail, financial, telemetry, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.
ConnectNet Launches MOBILEmanager

MOBILEmanager Solution is designed to enable companies to eliminate their dependency on telecommunication hardware suppliers, carrier network providers and also overcome any limitations inherent in the IP protocol (such as limited IP addresses). In short, it is a Software Defined Network (SDN) solution providing network administrators with the ability to manage and control all telecommunication networks within the corporate network.